MakeWealth's 35 Steps Stress-Free Buying Experience

We promise you easy, transparent & expert advice, every step of the way. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How we do it

First, by making the buying process simple

  1. We offer 1 on 1 discovery consulstation and
  2. Explain what’s the pros/cons of buying
  3. Discuss your financial readiness
  4. Share current state of the market
  5. Go over what you’ll need financially
  6. Show you our DIY scenario calculator
  7. Address the portgage process
  8. Give detailed next steps and plans via email
  9. And do a check-in via texts/email weekly.

Second, ensure that you’ll be on your best financial footing

  1.  We’ll introduce you to experienced, and efficient mortgage specialists from major banks & A lenders
  2. Share with you complete, easy to understand mortgage guide
  3. Have regular 1 on 1 discussions regarding mortgage terms and conditions
  4. Offer alternative lending options if needed
  5. Give detailed next steps and explainations via email
  6. And have a check-in via text/email weekly until you’re qualified.

Third, when you’re ready, start your ‘personalized virtual home tours’

  1. Enjoy a complimentary beverage in the comfort of your home and
  2. Tour homes virtually 1 on 1 with us to discuss the neighbourhood
  3. Discuss pros and cons of each home
  4. Discover needs vs. wants and pick homes for showing
  5. Walkthrough online home listings and how to explore them youself
  6. Go on physical tours with us to visit the homes you picked
  7. Learn about home ownership and things to look out for

Fourth, when the right home comes along, work with you to craft a ‘Winning Offer’

  1. Have 1 on 1 discussion about pricing strategy and
  2. Discuss deposit amount, risk & how to get it back if deal doesn’t go through
  3. Define irrevocable and strategize the offer timing
  4. Pick a closing time that works for you
  5. Craft multi-pages Offer documents and review the document with you
  6. Have regular communication with Seller to ensure our offer is top of mind
  7. Negotiate on your behalf
  8. Share deposit instruction and next steps via email.

Lastly, ensure a smooth closing with trust worthy services

  1. We’ll provide trustworthy real estate lawyer contacts for closing and
  2. Share details for insurance, gas, water, hydro and other services required
  3. Have Regular followup via text
  4. Send bi-weekly tips & information regarding new home ownership
  5. Standby for any issues or concerns during the days after closing.

All of that, at zero cost to you.

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