The Roaring 2020s

Did you know that starting yesterday, people in Ontario 60+ years old can already book vaccines at participating pharmacies? Knowing this gives me much hope for a summer of reopening. Like many people, I wish for a quicker, safe reopening this summer so I can go camping, travel, eat a meal in a restaurant, meet up with friends over a beer, and play soccer & do boxing.

Like so many people, I’ve been cooped up at home for far too long. A vision of recopenning looks epic in my mind.

With this reopening, people will be able to get back to a new normal, but for me I envision it won’t be normal, it will be huge. Spectacular and wonderful. It will be another Roaring 2020s.

The last roaring 20s was back in the 1920s. It was a decade back in the 1920s to 1930s where everywhere in the world there was exuberant growth. It was a period right after the end of World War 1, which ended in 1918. The Spanish flu pandemic also swept the globe and killed over a million people. The world just entered a new decade after so much pain, suffering and death that everyone exhibited a new vigor to start fresh. And fresh it did. Economy flourished during the 1920s and people enjoyed one of the most joyful decades in recent history. This decade is coined the roaring 20s.

Surprisingly, in the past few years, we have many similarities to that decade. The last 5 years saw many turmoil across the world with terrorist activities, world tension, disasters and violence and 2020 ended with the Covid Pandemic wreaking havoc across the world. However, 2021 brings much hope as vaccines are introduced and give people renewed faith in a new normal after extended lock down in their homes. Everyone I spoke to long for the day of safety so they can enjoy their social life again. They can meet up with friends, enjoy food, do their shopping, go on trips, without any restrictions.

All of this will bring a new wave of economic benefits to shops, restaurants, travel & entertainment industries. People will flood the streets, eat, sleep, travel, and ofcourse spend. All services industries will aso get a boost as people optimism drives purchases. All of this will fuel the economic engines of countries around the world and we will enter another roaring 20s.

This, ofcourse, represents the perfect timing for businesses. Those that have dreamed of building their own empire should take the leap of faith now, building up your expertise, doing research, and getting ready for that new door to a wonderful new decade. That door will open soon, and it will be fast.

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